In September ’81, Hawaï’s first heavy metal band VIXEN formed with Kim La Chance (also singer of MALISHA & SPACEDRUMS ) on vocals, Jeff Graves-drums, Paul Escorpeso-bass (ex-MANICA) and Marty Friedman on guitar (formerly with the Washington based band DEUCE and most recently with MEGADETH). Within two months they recorded a 5-track demo featuring “Angels From The Dust,” “Secret Of The Stars,”  “Lady Savage,” “Living In Sin” and The Animal’s cover “House Of The Rising Sun.”  By April ’82,  a second demo was recorded with a new version of “Angels From The Dust,” “Living in Sin,”  and a new track “Escape The Night”. In that same year, Mike Varney (Founder, Shrapnel Records) selected the second version of “Angels From The Dust” for his compilation album “US Metal Vol. II, Unsung Guitar Heroes.”  VIXEN released another demo containing “Angels From The Dust,” “Living In Sin,” “Beg For Mercy” and “Escape The Night.”   At this point Paul Escorpeso left the group, and was replaced by Kimo.  Kimo was later replaced by Ryan Carr.  The band went back in the studio and recorded “Beg For Mercy,” “Give It All You Got,” “Rocking Me Hard,” “The Young And The Reckless”  and “New Age Rock-n-Roller.”  The latter never completed with vocals due to the break-up of the band.  Several months later in ’83, Azra Records released the one side 5-track EP “Made In Hawaii” containing “The Young And The Reckless,” “Living In Sin,” “Escape The Night,” “Rocking Me Hard” and “Beg For Mercy” (with a few bars of “Aloha Oe” at the end).  Look for more on Kim La Chance about MALISHA and her other projects as its posted up here!