Wow – from out of the blue – I’m being called on to deliver my hard-rocking metal music from VIXEN & MALISHA spanning the 80’s underground metal scene – performing live to some of the most hard-core classic metal fans on the planet – my Deutschlander brothers & sisters – – Germany – here we come summer 2012!

The story is – late last year 2011, I was contacted by the Headbanger’s Open Air (HOA), a summertime 3-day outdoor metal festival near Hamburg, featuring live performances from classic 80’s metal artists as well as today’s up and coming & underground metal bands.  I was asked to be one of the headliners along with one of my all-time favorite bands – RIOT (God bless Mark Reale, RIOT founder/guitarist who passed away early 2012 shortly after confirming his band’s upcoming performance at the HOA.  Mark is missed by all who have been inspired by his brilliance . . . ).

At first, when I received the HOA’s invitation, I thought – man – it’s been years since I’ve taken the stage as a metal maiden . . . hmmm . . . how will my voice handle that kind of load? Understand, I’ve been singing electronica and new age music on and off since then – and that stuff is a cinch to knock out.  But, metal?  That’s a whole other animal – or rather – – metal warrior.  Singing metal is like pulling energy up from the very core of my soul – it’s explosive – it’s raw passion – it’s determined intention – it’s like channeling pure raw power.  I love that energy – it’s a Scorpio’s true haven and dominion all wrapped deliciously together – and oh how I have missed it!

Along with this invitation to play – the HOA even offered to assemble a band for me since I didn’t have a metal band in present day to back me up.  Many thanks to the HOA for their great offer of support – you guys rock!  But, what came to my mind was my last MALISHA lineup, a very tight band in mid-80’s, who in the past couple years I’ve been in touch with a couple of the members on Facebook.  I put it out to them that I’d like them to join me in this really cool gig – if they’re up to the challenge.  The plan is to play several tracks off of VIXEN – The Works CD as well as some of MALISHA’s Serve Your Savage Beast tracks.  As VIXEN-HAWAII fans know – even at the age of 18, VIXEN guitarist Marty Friedman, was a formidable player – so – MALISHA guitarist Bill Furtado had to commit to learning Marty’s guitarwork – which is no small feat involving many hours studying the songs & practicing Marty’s riffs and dual leads . . . and of course VIXEN drummer Jeff Graves played double bass – which also aligns perfectly with MALISHA’s most excellent double bass drummer Dave Hall – it feels like it was all meant to come together.  But of course we had to figure out the logistics of this venture since it’s no light task to put together a headline-worthy performance and get it on the road.  After full consideration, we all made the commitment to set the wheels in motion and kick out some awesome live metal in Germany this summer!

I am thrilled to announce my new & reuniting bandmates:

Original MALISHA member, Bill Furtado on lead/rhythm guitars/backing vocals
Welcoming new VIXEN-MALISHA member, Ronny North on lead/rhythm guitars
Welcoming SPACEDRUMS/KRYSTALWERK bandmate/writing partner, Jim DeCicco on keyboards
Welcoming new VIXEN-MALISHA member, Greg Altman on bass
Original MALISHA member, drum-thunder Dave Hall

Every one of these guys are amazing artists and I am honored they are joining me on stage the evening of July 28th, 2012 for an explosive performance at the world’s best metal party “in the garden – making it burn!”  The Headbanger’s Open Air near Hamburg, Germany, July 26th, 27th & 28th, 2012!  Hope to see you there!

 Rock on!