Kim hit the music scene in 1981 with her first original heavy metal band VIXEN in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Marty Friedman on guitar, Jeff Graves on drums and Paul Escorpeso on bass.  VIXEN recorded an album of material, releasing their Made In Hawaii EP on Azra Records and their track Angel’s From The Dust on Mike Varney’s U.S. Metal Vol. II compilation album prior to disbanding in 1982.  Kim formed her next band, MALISHA with Darry Shishido on bass, Randy Hano on guitar and Ivar on drums.  With Rick Dingman and Craig Brooks on drums, MALISHA recorded 5 tracks before relocating from Honolulu to Los Angeles.

MALISHA’s vinyl release, Serve Your Savage Beast, was completed in 1986 featuring two LA bands to complete the album released on Shardan Kane Records.  Since then, Kim applied her vocals toward the electronica band SPACEDRUMS and the new age band KRYSTALWERK.  Today, Kim is reuniting her MALISHA lineup with Bill Furtado on lead/rhythm guitar, Dave Hall on drums, and welcoming new members Ronny North on lead/rhythm guitar, Jim DeCicco on keyboards and Greg Altman on bass, to be one of the headliners at the Headbanger’s Open Air (HOA), a 3-day music festival near Hamburg, Germany, July 2012.